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Last 20 companies delisted from NZX
COATS GROUP PLC (COA) 24 Jun 16 we understand delisting from NZX and ASX reflected the much reduced shareholder base in the two countries, shares are still traded on the London Stock Exchange
CLEANAWAY WASTE MANAGEMENT LIMITED (CWY) 23 Jun 16 we understand delisting reflected the reduced shareholder base in NZ, elimination of costs and the benefits of concentrating trading volumes on ASX
DILIGENT CORPORATION (DIL) 14 Apr 16 we understand the company was taken over by New York based Insight Venture Partners with Diligent shareholders receiving NZD $7.39 (US$4.90) in cash per share
PULSE ENERGY LIMITED (PLE) 09 Feb 16 we understand Buller Electricity was successful with a takeover offer of 11 cents per share, 5 cents per option and $1.10 for each mandatory convertible note
HORIZON ENERGY DISTRIBUTION LIMITED (HED) 28 Jul 15 we understand the Eastern Bay Energy Trust bought the remaining shares it did not own at $4.41 a share and that allowed Horizon to declare a final dividend to shareholders
BATHURST RESOURCES LIMITED (BRL) 03 Jul 15 we understand the company delisted because of the listing fees, legal fees and registry costs
ASIAN TOTAL RETURN INVESTMENT COMPANY PLC (ATR) 08 May 15 we understand the company delisted because of compliance costs and the small number of shareholders on the NZ register
GOODMAN FIELDER LIMITED (GFF) 19 Mar 15 we understand Wilmar International and First Pacific were successful with an offer of A$0.675 cash per share
ACURITY HEALTH GROUP LIMITED (ACY) 09 Jan 15 we understand Connor Healthcare Limited was successful with an offer of $7.25 a share ($6.13 per share being the equivalent diluted price following a bonus issue)
TURNERS GROUP NZ LIMITED (TUA) 16 Dec 14 we understand Dorchester Pacific was successful with an offer of $3.00 cash per Turners share or 2 year convertible bonds issued by Dorchester or ordinary shares in Dorchester (at an issue price of $0.25 per share) or any combination of the above (subject to certain limitations)
RETVA LIMITED (PPG) 10 Dec 14 we understand the company (formerly Postie Plus) failed and delisted following the appointment of liquidators
LYTTELTON PORT COMPANY LIMITED (LPC) 07 Nov 14 we understand Christchurch City Holdings Limited was successful with a takeover bid of $3.95 a share, and a 20 cents per share special dividend for a total of $4.15
WOOL EQUITIES LIMITED (WEL) 15 Sep 14 we understand the company delisted from NZX because its shares were not actively traded and the costs of the listing exceeded $50,000 pa with no discernible benefit - the company's shares are now listed on the "unlisted share trading platform" operated by Armillary Private Capital Ltd
RENAISSANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (RNS) 29 Aug 14 we understand that after selling the principal operating business, the Yoobee School of Design, it was decided to proceed to a liquidation and delisting of Renaissance – it was expected that shareholders would receive tax-free distributions of approx. 16.6 cents per share
CUE ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED (CUE) 29 Aug 14 we understand CUE delisted from both NZX and POMSoX stock exchanges due to a lack of trading on those exchanges
F&C GLOBAL SMALLER COMPANIES PLC (FCS) 27 Jun 14 we understand the company delisted from NZSX because of light trading on the exchange
GUOCOLEISURE LIMITED (GLL) 27 Jun 14 we understand GLL delisted on the basis that holdings of shareholders on the New Zealand branch of GLL's share register represented only 4.2% of GLL's total outstanding shares on issue, and trading in GLL's shares on the NZSX has been light in recent years
SNOSAJ12 LIMITED (JTM) 10 Mar 14 we understand the company (previously Jasons Travel Media Limited) to be in receivership and the receivers requested removal from listing on NZX's Alternative Market
INSURED GROUP LIMITED (INS) 07 Mar 14 we understand an annual report for 2013 was never released to NZX - if the preliminary report can be relied on, the company appears to have financial difficulties
CYNOTECH HOLDINGS LIMITED (CYT) 13 Sep 13 we understand the company was delisted at the request of the Liquidators and the ordinary (CYT) and preference (CYTHA) shares ceased quotation on 13 September 2013




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